Kavich was born in Hungary. He enjoyed drawing even as a child, and spent a lot of time pursuing his passion. His parents as well as later his teachers, noticing his talent, recommended fine arts training for him. As a student, he entered numerous competitions and received several awards. He laid the foundations for his fine arts proficiency in an art study group he joined. Here, he got acquainted with the simplest graphics technologies, completed his first portraits and whole-body charcoal drawings.
Between 1990 and 1999, he attended continuing education courses for artists, learning painting. He excelled at using antique technologies and materials; upon request, he worked on restoration projects of paintings and wall murals. In his painting, he created a unique visual world, using antique painting techniques, traditional materials and tools. In the early years, he concentrated on working with flora and fauna in natural settings. Even at this time, he was a multi-faceted artist – he created his first statues using ceramic technologies in the early ‘90s. In the intermediate stages of the creative process, he applied his knowledge of metals and woodworking with success. He spent two years working on the design collection of a tattoo shop where he also worked as a tattoo artist. He was often asked to illustrate poems of contemporary Hungarian authors, provide paintings, pencil and pen drawings for children’s stories. Using digital technology, he created cover art for music albums, and designed and created silver jewelry for his own purposes.  By 2000, the peculiar visual world that is characteristic of his work has solidified: he often builds on substantively different visual and aesthetic elements that are logically similar. Symbolism is important in his work. The outstanding use and high quality appearance of color on his pictures is due to his own, home-made paints and foundation techniques he developed on his own.
The artist's fine art work's in the world's countries since 1998: Hungary,Austria,Switzerland,England,Netherlands,Japan,Canada,Slovakia,China, Deutschland,USA

Contact&Info : kavichart@gmail.com  Website: www.festomuvesz.hu/gyoritoth , www.paiter.hu/gyoritoth

Restaurant - oil/line, 70x70 cm

The song - oil/line, 70x70 cm

Man in the box - akril/wood
50x60 cm

oil&line 50x40 cm

 110X100 cm, OIL- CANVAS

Family portre, 50x60 cm, oil/canvas

Hope 90x100 oil/canvas

Rock the rooftop 100x90cm

100x90 cm, akril, oil-canvas

Fruit Story, 50x60 cm

Private night, 50x60 cm
Glass Butterfly's 70 x70.jpg
Glass Butterfly's 70 x70
PICASSOLO 100x80.jpg
Atlantis - deep heart 100 x110.jpg
Atlantis - deep heart

New life 45x40.jpg
New life
45x40 oil&canvas
Manipulations 70x70 oil&canvas.jpg
70x70 oil&canvas
The Gambler 70 x70.jpg
The Gambler
50x60 Dream's.jpg
50x60 Dream's
50x60 MilanoSong.jpg
50x60 MilanoSong
50x60 TheTime Sold.jpg
50x60 TheTime Sold
60x50 Adam&Eva Projek.jpg
60x50 Adam&Eva Projek
60x50Babel sold.jpg
60x50Babel sold
77x44Dr Music sold.jpg
77x44Dr Music sold
80x80 Evil one Sold.jpg
80x80 Evil one Sold
80x80 My Way.jpg
80x80 My Way
Angel's 50x70sold.jpg
Angel's 50x70sold
Avon 80 x100.jpg
Avon 80 x100
Captain sy Spirit77x44Sold.jpg
Captain sy Spirit77x44Sold
Coktail40x45 Sold.jpg
Coktail40x45 Sold
Creation 80x80 Sold.jpg
Creation 80x80 Sold
Desire 60x80.jpg
Desire 60x80
Female zone 40x45.jpg
Female zone 40x45
Groove50x60 Sold.jpg
Groove50x60 Sold
HotCaffe 45x40.jpg
HotCaffe 45x40
I come then 50x60.jpg
I come then 50x60
Inner freedom 80x100.jpg
Inner freedom 80x100
Labyrinth 80 x80sold.jpg
Labyrinth 80 x80sold
Lemon Balett 40x50sold.jpg
Lemon Balett 40x50sold
Lucky Strike50x60.jpg
Lucky Strike50x60
Peace 110x100 Sold.jpg
Peace 110x100 Sold
Peep song 50x60 Sold.jpg
Peep song 50x60 Sold
Piano 50x60sold.jpg
Piano 50x60sold
Purr 60x50 Sold.jpg
Purr 60x50 Sold
Relic 50x60.jpg
Relic 50x60
Seed 50x60.jpg
Seed 50x60
Single Caffe 50x60.jpg
Single Caffe 50x60
Solace 75x65.jpg
Solace 75x65
Solo75x65 sold.jpg
Solo75x65 sold
The fifty kingdom50x70.jpg
The fifty kingdom50x70
The Moon.jpg
The Moon
The Six Sin  45x40Sold.jpg
The Six Sin 45x40Sold
The Six Sin  50x40Sold.jpg
The Six Sin 50x40Sold
The Red Carpet 70 x70.jpg
The Red Carpet

70 x70 cm
Trust In 70x70.jpg
Trust In
70x70 cm