I was born in 1971 in Hungary. For the painting the 90es I started enquiring in years. The substances, devices, and I knew the bases, but the old painting techniques until ten years, I constituted myself learned, in contemporaries' studios. My first pictures in the topic world of the fauna and flora, they prepared a realistic representation.
In 2001 my visions, the inspirations of which turn from the music into one which can be seen with a specific, figural design primarily already, and from the human contacts, the environment and the in him living persons, you are the child I draw it from the symbolic world of drawings. I consider the harmony, the world of the colours, the humour important one, precision, and the application of the substances very high-quality. My works self-produced oil paint and linen I use bases.

„Journeys into the land of fantasy are a search of treasures which I would like to share. Mind is a
characteristic factory of dreams opened for the time of creation. Making up monumental compositions
is an attempt to exist in the world of imagination, away from the daily life.
The choice I have made in my life seems appropriate to me – painting comes easy to me, but it is
difficult for me to part with a painting.Artistic journeys which I have made in my life have been caused
by my passion for painting. Apart from the fact that I paint I am also interested in art in a broad sense.
These interests have led me to the track of my own style which I am slowly becoming a slave of ..
Creating my recent works I have had so much time as to become accustomed to the thought that
these paintings will be lost for the time of exhibitions and, ultimately, they will become parts of different
collections.But such is a painting’s lot, to travel and change its owners. „

His art works pretthy much spread out,since1998 Hungary,Austria,Switzerland,England,Netherlands,Japan,Canada

Contact&Info : kavichart@gmail.com  Website: www.festomuvesz.hu/gyoritoth
  Glass Butterfly's 70 x70.jpg
Glass Butterfly's 70 x70
PICASSOLO 100x80.jpg
Atlantis - deep heart 100 x110.jpg
Atlantis - deep heart

New life 45x40.jpg
New life
45x40 oil&canvas
Manipulations 70x70 oil&canvas.jpg
70x70 oil&canvas
The Gambler 70 x70.jpg
The Gambler
50x60 Dream's.jpg
50x60 Dream's
50x60 MilanoSong.jpg
50x60 MilanoSong
50x60 TheTime Sold.jpg
50x60 TheTime Sold
60x50 Adam&Eva Projek.jpg
60x50 Adam&Eva Projek
60x50Babel sold.jpg
60x50Babel sold
77x44Dr Music sold.jpg
77x44Dr Music sold
80x80 Evil one Sold.jpg
80x80 Evil one Sold
80x80 My Way.jpg
80x80 My Way
Angel's 50x70sold.jpg
Angel's 50x70sold
Avon 80 x100.jpg
Avon 80 x100
Captain sy Spirit77x44Sold.jpg
Captain sy Spirit77x44Sold
Coktail40x45 Sold.jpg
Coktail40x45 Sold
Creation 80x80 Sold.jpg
Creation 80x80 Sold
Desire 60x80.jpg
Desire 60x80
Female zone 40x45.jpg
Female zone 40x45
Groove50x60 Sold.jpg
Groove50x60 Sold
HotCaffe 45x40.jpg
HotCaffe 45x40
I come then 50x60.jpg
I come then 50x60
Inner freedom 80x100.jpg
Inner freedom 80x100
Labyrinth 80 x80sold.jpg
Labyrinth 80 x80sold
Lemon Balett 40x50sold.jpg
Lemon Balett 40x50sold
Lucky Strike50x60.jpg
Lucky Strike50x60
Peace 110x100 Sold.jpg
Peace 110x100 Sold
Peep song 50x60 Sold.jpg
Peep song 50x60 Sold
Piano 50x60sold.jpg
Piano 50x60sold
Purr 60x50 Sold.jpg
Purr 60x50 Sold
Relic 50x60.jpg
Relic 50x60
Seed 50x60.jpg
Seed 50x60
Single Caffe 50x60.jpg
Single Caffe 50x60
Solace 75x65.jpg
Solace 75x65
Solo75x65 sold.jpg
Solo75x65 sold
The fifty kingdom50x70.jpg
The fifty kingdom50x70
The Moon.jpg
The Moon
The Six Sin  45x40Sold.jpg
The Six Sin 45x40Sold
The Six Sin  50x40Sold.jpg
The Six Sin 50x40Sold
The Red Carpet 70 x70.jpg
The Red Carpet

70 x70 cm
Trust In 70x70.jpg
Trust In
70x70 cm